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Get To Know Our Speakers: Vernetta Freeney

Vernetta R. Freeney is the owner of The Truth Confidant™.  She is also the Creator/Producer of the podcast, ‘A Toast To Truths.’

Her assignment is to teach entrepreneurs and educators a mental detox strategy via journaling so they can protect their peace and not let stress interrupt their lives. She was one of the Top 100 Young Professionals in Houston 2015 and has been featured on cnbc.com, EOFire podcast and other media. When she’s not teaching you, she’s being an outspoken introvert on the interwebs, binge watching Netflix, curled up reading a really good book or cheering on her beloved Dallas Mavericks. If all this isn’t enough, Vernetta is the founding Organizer of the Houston African American Bloggers Association.

How did you get started into blogging?

I started blogging in 2009 as a way to vent about my job at the time. I didn’t really know anything about blogging. I stumbled upon it and I blogged anonymously. Then I stopped. Fast forward to 2011 and I started blogging again bc I resigned from the job I started blogging about, lol. The irony. It was a way for me to have something to do and hopefully make a little money while I looked for a new job. Turns out blogging became my new job.

Why did you create A Toast Truths podcast?

I learned way too many hard and expensive lessons. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one who has gone through those experiences. Also, it was another way for me to document my business journey and growth. But ultimately my podcast is a way for people to begin to have the uncomfortable conversations about business that needs to be had.

When did you know it was time to create The Truth Confidant?

I knew it was time when I constantly saw others in the place I was in just a few years ago. I knew I could help them if they are ready. I have taught English as a Second Language for 10 years now to immigrants, kids and refugees. Writing is my sweet spot. Journaling was something I’ve done for years and really dived deep when I worked my way out of depression. I know if I can teach non-English speakers how to write and very well I might add. Then I can teach stressed individuals how to use journaling as a way to release their negative emotions.

Where do you see HAAB three years from now?

I see it leading the dialogue and trend when it comes to tribes for African American voices. We are setting a standard and blazing a path for others to come and do the same thing in their city. HAAB will be working with big brands and connecting big and small brands/businesses to the Houston A.A. community. And we’ll be getting paid to do so.

What can attendees expect from your panel session?

They can expect lots of truth, humor and insight. I was able to get a TV show based on my blog. Content was the reason. I want to share how using what you are already doing plus positioning yourself will open the doors for amazing opportunities.

Favorite social media platform: Twitter

Best restaurant in town: I don’t really have one but if I have to choose I would say Blake’s BBQ

Favorite color: blue, hey I’m a Dallas Mavs fan.

Desired superpower: Be invisible so I can walk away from people I no longer want to talk to without having to give an awkward reason why I’m over the conversation. I can just disappear and they wouldn’t know where I am.

Dream car: Krazy thing is I really don’t have one. I’m not a car person at all.