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Get To Know Our Speakers: Keynote Tristen Sutton

Tristen Sutton, entrepreneur and owner of the award-winning The Sutton Insurance Agency, Inc. and Sutton Impact Branding.

How important is it to craft a personal brand in today’s landscape?

With a majority of entrepreneurs recognizing the power of social media as a tool to grow their business it’s making competition very strong across the board regardless of your industry/product/service. Having a strong brand presence is even more important these days because there are so many more “experts” out there, as well as it’s easier to put your brand in front of more people so you have to have something that helps you stand apart and “get chose”.

In Houston, you host at least 3 networking events. How have you been able to transfer a strong network into your business?

The networking events were initially started to develop a pool of potential clients for my insurance business.Tristen Sutton

What led to Sutton Impact Branding?

For several years I’ve been constantly asked by business owners to teach them how I used Facebook to grow my brand and generate business from it. One day I decided to create Sutton Impact Branding YOUniversity. After the success and positive reviews I had from my graduates that I decided create a consulting business to do it on a more consistent basis.

You and your wife C.C. have a radio show on KYND, Sitting With The Suttons, how did the concept come about?

My wife began posting Christian based marital and relationship advice on Facebook and her blog and she grew a tribe behind her content. The owners of KYND had been watching our brands on Facebook and tapped us on the shoulder at the Black Enterprise Expo to have a show on their station. Our brand on social media provided us this opportunity.

What can attendees expect from a Sutton Impact Branding YOUniversity course?

It’s an intensive workshop where I educate my students on how to Build A Brand That Brings Business that includes:

The Tristen Sutton Branding Blueprint
•What is a brand and how to create one
•How to establish and grow your brand using social media
•How to maximize your time on social media
•How a strong brand can generate more revenue for your business
•How to efficiently attend a networking event and maximize your time
•The importance of winning awards

Favorite social media platform: Facebook

Best restaurant in town: Pappadeaux

Favorite color: Blue

Desired superpower: Fly like Superman

Dream car: Audi R8

Social Media:

Facebook: @tristenesutton

Instagram: @suttonimpactexperience