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The Future of Black Media – Roland Martin

Full disclaimer this isn’t a personal opinion piece about Roland Martin as a journalist. This is an opinion piece based on the topic he tweeted about.

The other day Roland Martin shared a series of tweets that went in on the future of black media. As I read each of the tweets, I wondered would black media still be owned by a black person? Would black media continue to share stories related to our community? Would black media regurgitate stories from mainstream media and slap a black face on it?

We know that many black media outlets have faced some type of financial uncertainty the last few years. With a few having to close their doors or reduce their staff. There have been hashtags on freelancers not getting paid for whatever reason the publication didn’t pay for the work that was done.

More and more black media is straying away from telling stories that need to be told to write more entertainment, gossip and celebrity type pieces. While that’s something people like, how many more people would like to know what’s going on in the black community? How many more people would like to know of the positive contributions people are making to improve our community?

One thing I can say is HAAB can do a much better job itself writing and sharing these stories especially about the local Houston area. What stuck with me was the fact we’re missing storytellers telling our own stories on our own platforms that aren’t whitewashed, watered down or weak.

We can’t run around saying we are the culture when the culture is stolen daily and end up “representing” people who look nothing like the original creator.

If nothing else, as a community if we want black media to stay and be the voice then we need to support it. That means we need to read it, buy ad spots, help push it out online, tell others and make it a priority to go there first for our news. Because black media doesn’t only speak about black issues. We speak about everything but with a different perspective.

Read Roland Martin’s tweets and let us know what you think about the future of black media.