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Buying insurance is an important part of adulting. It is a legal requirement when you own a car. It can offer security for your loved ones you have left this life. Insurance coverage can make sure that things still get taken care of when the unexpected happens. But the process of purchasing insurance can also be pretty daunting. With so many different products and so much fine print, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. And don’t get me started on the stress that can come with having to find an insurance company and agent. You would be hard pressed to run out of options, so how do you determine what the competitive edge will be?

For me, customer service is often the main factor that sets one insurance apart from the other. I personally make 90% of my spending decisions based on the quality of service. I work hard for my money. I am supporting my household almost entirely on my own, So I want to be happy about the money I have to spend on things I need. And the service I get from my Farmers Insurance agent, Paul Wilson, has far exceeded my expectations. Paul has made himself available to answer my questions and address my concerns without hesitation, sometimes even outside of business hours. His staff is pleasant, attentive, knowledgeable, and very responsive.

I started out just looking for an insurance policy to give me what I needed, but what I found was an agent who is caring, easily accessible and makes sure I understand what I am getting when I am working with him. Paul Wilson has been imperative to making sure that not only my personal needs are met, but that I am able to protect my business as well.  With my insurance agent, Paul Wilson, I don’t feel like just another number on his customer list. I know that my insurance needs are important and Paul works diligently to make sure they are met.

If you want an insurance agent who will make sure you’re taken care of right and have the coverage you need, I would hands down recommend you talk to Paul Wilson with Farmers so he can get you taken care of too.

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