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#HAAB2017 Tweet Chat Recap: Power Meet & Greet Roundup

Aint no party like a Power party, cause a Power party don’t stop! And it was just that live. Bloggers from HAAB were invited to an exclusive invite only meet and greet with actors Joseph Sikora, Rotimi Akinosho, and J.R. Ramirez. Those of us who got blue wrist bands were able to go backstage and interview them in person. Here are some things we learned while we were backstage

  1. When Rotimi was asked if which song he would want featured on the show: “If I could choose, it would be the one that I just came out with now. It’s called One More…” The song is now being played in Houston on 97.9 The Boxx.
  2. Rotimi’s album will drop August 4th
  3. When asked about the relationship between Julio and Dre now that it’s been revealed that Kanan is still alive, J.R. responded “Julio, I feel has a bad feeling about Dre, but he’s really trying to move up, he’s finally got a position, and he’s trying to do his job. His loyalty, it blinds him and he really wants to believe Dre is doing this for the right reasons.”
  4. When asked about side projects, J.R. stated he is working on some things, but he wasn’t giving out any details. Joseph, however revealed that he just finished filming Motivated Seller coming out next year. He also revealed he co-directed a short film called “The Separatists” which should also be dropping next year.
  5. Though not forthcoming with scoops on what will be happening the rest of the season, Joseph did explain that the reason Tommy confessed to Tasha was because he views Tasha as family and he needed to unburden himself


After the backstage interviews, we were allowed to take pictures with the cast. The guys were gracious and were very down to earth. Later in the evening, the guys came downstairs for a Q&A session. During the Q&A, two of our members (EFaboulousHB and Dana) won prizes and got to take pics with the guys as well. If that weren’t enough Rotimi, who is in the middle of a tour gave an impromptu concert and performed two songs off his new album. Overall, ATT, who sponsored the event, put together a great experience for the attendees. After the mini-concert, everyone was granted the opportunity to take a photo with Joseph, Rotimi, and J.R.  Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

While we had a blast this weekend, we did take the time to hop on over to Twitter to recap the event as well. Just scroll on through for tweets, pics, and video clips from the Power Meet & Greet.