HAAB Blog Bootcamp

Get To Know Our Speaker: Jonathan Davis

How important is technology in today’s landscape? Advanced emerging technology is rapidly reshaping the future landscape. Entities and industries that thrived for the past 100+ years are now on the brink of technological extinction. Staying abreast with innovative disruptive technology is vital. Jonathan Davis

How has podcasting helped your business? Podcasting has brought great awareness to my business. It is an indispensable branding and marketing tool.

What do bloggers need to know about protecting their website? Bloggers need to be mindful that there are content stealers out there in the blogosphere. Regularly utilize tools such as Google Alerts, and Copyscape to verify if their content is secure and not plagiarized.

What are some of the best gadgets out today? Amazon Echo Show, Ring Doorbell, Nintendo Switch, DJI Drones, and iPhone 7.

Favorite social media platform: Twitter

Favorite meal: Fried Fish, Kale, Macaroni & Cheese, Jalapeno Cornbread and Caesar salad.

Favorite color: Blue

Desired superpower: Perfection with Everlasting Life

Dream car: Terrafugia TF-X


Website: http://theempowermag.com/category/technology/

Social Media: @astrotesla80 – Twitter, Instagram