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Is Lucas Food and Cake Good or Not?

Well let me start off by saying, Lucas Food and Cake catered lunch for HAAB Blog Bootcamp 2017. They came highly recommended by several people including our venue host, Houston Business Lounge.

We went with chicken salad sandwiches, chips and lemonade.

The lemonade was that sweet (you know you live in the south) type of flavor, lol. And they made plenty of it for us to enjoy.

Now let me share why Lucas Food and Cake is top notch.

They did not make our food until they came on location.

Yes, you read that right. They prepped the food and then made it fresh on site. And you could taste the freshness.

The chicken salad sandwiches were so good. And they were extremely generous with the helpings. I was a little upset (personally) I only got one. The downside of being the leader is you eat last because you’re working the event. But I savored every morsel of that sandwich when I finally did get to eat, at home.

The Houston African American Bloggers Association highly recommends Lucas Food and Cake for your Houston catering needs. The owners were friendly, receptive and listened to our food needs. Then they delivered. What more can you ask for?

Oh, if I didn’t make it clear. Yes, they are worth it.