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How come America? Why did “hate” win?

How come America? Why did "hate" win?

How come America? Why did “hate” win?

A blog post by @EfabulousHB exclusively for
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How come America?
Why did “hate” win?

I picked the little one up from school and I was scared.  I didn’t want to be out on the streets on this particular election night. As the sun started coming down, I wanted to speed up the car and race the hell home. I was notably scared of white America and their cuckcold racists who wanted to make America “Jim Crow” again – by any means necessary.  I feared for my child. Real fear for her safety consumed me. Get the hell home I told myself.

She asked me about the election. Other times I had been very vocal, now tonight I was quiet, concise and stoic. I was tracking the election results on my mobile. The television remained off. My phone and any footage I watched was on silent. Each time my phone updated, he had more electoral votes than Secretary Clinton. I felt angry and befuddled.

Hate was winning right before my eyes.
Hate was winning and all the numbers were in red, the states were in red.
Hate was in red in my mobile.

I was sat there as a Black American with a child of color wondering about this new Nazi America. Or was this just the old Nazi America and it had enough of masquering under the guise of tolerance and faux-democracy. My child.. my child now has to thrive in the New Jim Crow. An era that wants her to be a second class citizen to anyone that is white.

Why did “hate” win?

I guess:
It has always been winning since 1619 really.
It has always been winning since the Indians were slaughtered.
It has always been winning since Africans were enslaved on America’s shores.

Yet this was different. This win was public, unashamedly racist, backed by the Fraternal Order of Police, backed by your coworker, backed by these false men of God labelling themselves as evangelicals. This was hate supported in a grandiose fashion.

Unapologetically visceral.

I felt that all the hope I had for my child’s future needed to be harnessed into a battle plan because this was a call to war for people of color. We are being ushered into the new Jim Crow. An America where white people openly don’t want people of color to thrive, to be happy, to have a good education, to be allocated resources and to enjoy all the rights of the constitution on equal footing.  In this new Jim Crow, it’s white people for white people by white people by any means necessary. Black and brown lives don’t matter.  And I’m confident that this was the 3 headed beast lying dormant since the days of lynching – when brown and black lives never did matter and white supremacy was a blanket of comfort to monsters masquerading as men that eagerly blew-up four little Black girls on the steps of a church.

So I hid the entire election from her. I made her soup. We sang songs and I hugged her so tight. I fussed and cuddled my dogs and I caged them. Then I went to bed early. Fear, dispair, discomfort, befuddlement …. they all laid on my bosom election night. I laid in bed trying to calm myself but my mind and heart was writhing in agony.

Hate. Hate so strong and so long standing that it would turn an entire nation backwards. Open racists, dangerous monsters to which I have to share a nation.  These monsters will be at work. They will be at the gas station. They will be at my favorite bars and restaurants.  Hate filled monsters and mongrels incapable of recognizing their atrocities on people of color and interested only in maintaining American institutional racism that marginalizes people of color.

This sat on my mind like an anchor.

I prayed silently. I prayed and I put my phone down. I went to sleep and I prayed for God to intervene. I prayed that America would do the right thing.

When I woke up the day after election day, white America failed my expectations and hate simply won. The agony of the people of color was palatable every where I went.  I woke to the new Jim Crow.  Be it the president-elect or his Nazi loving vice president, here we are in the new Jim Crow.

The minions of hate are filling seats in the Senate and the House. The party of hate, racism and misogyny has won the nation.  Or did they win the nation a long time ago and I was walking blindly in denial.

We will hang not from trees.
They will strangle us by cutting funding to schools in the Black and Hispanic Community.
They will strangle us by cutting funding to social projects aimed at helping single working mothers and working class families.
They will strangle us by discriminating against us for future jobs and make sure we don’t receive loans and capital to fund our entrepreneurial projects.
They will strangle our future by trying to continue or ramp up the school to prison pipe-line to disenfranchise people of color and use those stats to substantiate their false position of supremacy.

So now that we know why “hate” won. Our job is to move forward in our own greatness. The America of Color will move forward.  This presidency doesn’t define us. It does not define the Black intelligentsia. It doesn’t define the greatness that we are born with … as people of color … we move forward as we always had to do.

This election signaled the lost of hope for me.  I had hoped that America would live up to the metaphor of being a “melting pot”.  That there was an allegiance of Americans so big in number that all races, colors and creeds that would move forward together united and push “Americanism” and diversity to the next level. I was wrong.  Hate has the biggest numbers.  The sons and daughters of slave owners, slave whippers and slave sellers who breed like wonton beasts as they make love with their racist confederate notions are large in number multiplying like lowly maggots. My hope has died with this election. Dead on arrival, November 8, 2016.

I move forward with my eyes wide open.
I shall educate my child on the world she must now try and surmount.
Hate won, but it shall never defeat me. Ever.
The America of Color is bigger than hate. We are #LOVE.

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