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Houston Business Lounge – A work-space that transforms actual work into “vision building”.


I happened upon the Houston Business Lounge during the #HAAB2017 Blog Bootcamp. Upon first inspection, taking in the entire facility completely blew my senses away. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing. There is a quiet sophistication that permeates the space. Then you are hit with the multitude of possibilities in which the space can transform. Not only is the Houston Business Lounge a place to do business, but instantly you realize this is a location where visions come to life.

The main space of Houston Business Lounge is filled with lots of wonderful natural light. It looks out upon the local neighborhood not with a menacing position of a tower, but it seems to work in synergy with the older established trees and the ever changing landscape. The campus in which it is located is a far departure from the absolute anarchy of the 290, which is just minutes away.   The Houston Business Lounge can serve as a sanctuary amidst a city rebuilding from hurricanes and tropical storm turmoil. The facility can serve as a place to implement collaboration projects, explore ideas and redefine how you do business in the sprawling municipality such as Houston, Texas.

As a budget driven Black American entrepreneur, I appreciate comforting places where I feel safe and my presence is welcome into the fold.  As I made the acquaintance of the owner, I was greeted with a warm smile and it brought about a sense of community. There is a large intrinsic value attached to “feeling welcomed”.

As a full-time working Mom, writer and entrepreneur – going to a coffee shop seems ideal, but it is fraught with a personal affront to my creative process. Houston Business Lounge has an unmistakable professional, yet cozy and stress free atmosphere. There was no hustle and bustle of latte(s) being made in the background or someone ordering the last pumpkin sugar cookie. I was welcomed to the quaint coffee station that had everything I needed for a jolt of caffeine to wake up and be present. Now that’s another value add for this non-traditional but amazingly charismatic workspace.

I would highly recommend this coworking facility for creative professionals, consultants, trainers, bloggers, community activists in the organizing stages, small business owners who want the flexibility of being mobile and project professionals.

They have a myriad of choices for use of their space:  Day Pass, Virtual Office, Nomad, Collaborator or even Full Time Member. You can have a place to share, learn and work for only $59 per month.

Check out Houston Business Lounge online at http://houstonbusinesslounge.spaces.nexudus.com/en.  Learn about their great space and think about having your next event, meeting, retreat or collaboration session in this amazing space.



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