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#HAABChat Recap – And Then There Was Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was so rude and disrespectful. He’s like that guest who came to the party and ended up staying a week. When Ike came to visit, he at least had the good graces to leave in a timely fashion. What Harvey left in his wake was a ton of flooded out home, devastated lives, grief, and loss.

Currently we are in the process of rebuilding. Harvey is estimated to cost at least $180 Billion in damages. Even Katrina didn’t cost that much and she cleaned out an entire city. But despite all of that, Texas proves to be resilient. While FEMA and the Red Cross were getting their acts together, people from all over the country showed up in droves. Not only that, regular everyday citizens across the city were helping each other. One 13 year old boy even used his air mattress to help people. They didn’t wait on the government to come and rescue them. They did it themselves.

But as we move towards recovery, there are still people hurting, and some will take longer to recover than others. If you happen to know someone who was affected by Hurricane Harvey, ask them how you can help. Even if they turn you down, it will make them feel good to know someone still cares.

As we get back into the swings of things, we decided we needed to process what happened. We were live on Twitter, and you can view our conversation below. Also, if you are looking for resources, be sure to check out our home page for more information. Recovery won’t happen overnight. And you may go through several cycles of the grieving process while you’re trying to find your new normal. But you will eventually get there.