FB Live and Twitter Chat Series

#HAAB2017 Tweet Chat Recap: Why You Need Your Own Platform

We had a blast on Twitter this week! We discussed why you need your own platform. What prompted this lively exchange of ideas? Clammr shutdown on July 2. They posted a message on their Facebook page with a gravestone image. Clammr was a place where you could upload audio clips. This was great for podcasters. But if you are a podcaster and this was your only way to reach your audience, sorry for ya. And Clammr hasn’t been the only platform to fall by the wayside over the years. We have seen Blab, Vine, Meerkat, and others fall by the wayside, too. Not to mention some platforms like Soundcloud are struggling to stay afloat.

Here’s another reason you need your own platform. If you’re on someone else’s platform, you have to follow their rules. We have seen people lose all their content, because they didn’t follow the terms of service. We’ll delve into that more during the Tweet Chat next week, though. Trust us, yo want to be here for that!

Now, the most important reason for having your own platform is you need your own space where you can set the rules. As long as you pay for your domain name and hosting, the likelihood of losing your content diminishes. Plus, people need to know where to find you online. The purpose of social media is to get people to come to your digital home. If you leave your content on sites like Clammr, that can shut down at a moment’s notice, how are people supposed to find you?

Lastly, don’t let cost stop you from claiming your spot online. It doesn’t cost much to get a domain name. Sometimes, it’s less than $1. If you’re not ready for hosting yet, at the very LEAST, get your domain name. Also, when you’re starting out, hosting shouldn’t cost you more that $20/month. Usually less.


We know some of you are just starting out and you may want a boost to get your own online platform going. Or maybe you started and need some guidance on what to do next. Well why not join us for #HAAB2017 Blog Bootcamp on August 5, 2017. We only have a few tickets left, and prices will be going up soon. You can click the link up top or click here to get your tickets.