FB Live and Twitter Chat Series

#HAAB2017 Tweet Chat Recap – What is a Blogger?

Did you know blogging has been around for over 20 years? Coming from the Xennial (born 1977-1983) tribe, I remember a time when blogging didn’t exist. One of the advantages of coming from this micro generation is the ability to appreciate how quickly things change over time and the ability to adapt. So it isn’t that surprising to see how much blogging has evolved and will continue to evolve.

There was a time when Blogger was the big dog in the blogging world. But now most people have migrated to WordPress. There was a time when you needed a video camera to create a video blog. Now you only need your phone and maybe a selfie stick if you’re fancy.

With all of these changes, we have to ask ourselves, “What is a Blogger?” Really, a blogger is anyone willing to share information on a given topic on a variety of platforms. The platform could be video, audio, written on a webpage, photos, or any combination in between. Some of you are bloggers and don’t even know it. We had an interesting discussion on Twitter about this very topic. Check out the slideshow below.


If you are wondering what it takes to be a blogger, we have just the thing to set you straight. Join us on August 5, 2017 for the #HAAB2017 Blog Bootcamp. Sign up here.