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HAAB 3 Years in Review

Currently, we are the ONLY dues based membership blog association for black bloggers in a specific city in the country. The past 3 years (well a little more than 3) we’ve worked to turn a Facebook group into a legitimate blog association. I can proudly say,


We laid a strong foundation, building a real membership and helping to shift the mindset of our members from blogging for exposure to getting paid for the content they create.

We are a rare breed as most “associations” are free for their members to join. They are also online with minimal training and and even fewer in person meetups. HAAB has created an extensive 3-fold mission for Houston black digital influencers, online content creators and bloggers.

Our mission is to create a welcoming, inviting community, offer training opportunities and help members get paid for their work.

Along the way we’ve worked with big brands down to entrepreneurs and everything in between. We have enjoyed and loved working with each entity and looking forward to working with even more in 2018, especially with the launch of our new weekly digital show, ‘You Think It We Say It‘.

Here’s our client list:

  • Search for Her Existence – S.H.E.
  • Pollo Tropical
  • The Velvet Rope Experience
  • Houston Business Lounge
  • Miller Lite Tap the Future Business Competition
  • AT&T Power Event
  • Groupon
  • Body Sculpt of N.Y. Inc.
  • Limo Bus Houston
  • African Fashion Week Houston
  • Carter High Movie
  • Hank’s Ice Cream and Parlor
  • Houston Cinema Arts Festival
  • Paper Pencil Pen
  • Powerhouses United
  • Toyota

Learn more on how you can work with us.

Last year we held our 3rd Annual HAAB Blog Bootcamp and it sold out. We were beyond ecstatic as the Inaugural bootcamp was members only and the 2016 bootcamp was online. This was our first big event for members and nonmembers where people had to purchase a ticket. We’ve hosted several events in the past but we made them free to attend.

In addition to our annual blog bootcamp, we also provide monthly trainings on the latest industry news or trends (Around 40 so far) as well as events to help our members meet high-level connections.

There was no blueprint for us to follow. So we’re creating it along the way. We’ve learned what works for us and what doesn’t work. We’ve had to shift people into different roles until we found what works best for them and HAAB. We’ve had to learn how to accept that not everyone understands why bloggers should pay dues when plumbers do for their association. We researched associations and created one where our members pay dues and are literally given a Masters degree in blogging through what we offer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again,

blog associations are the future of blogging.

So either join one or start one.

Our past 3 years in review may seem like we’ve had an easy run. We have not. We have laid each stone on the path as we’ve taken a step. And we’ll continue to work on behalf of our members.

A look quick throughout the years:



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