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The New Go To For Social Media Solutions – Houston African American Bloggers Association!

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Celebrate Small Business Week 2016 with Houston’s newest go to for social media solutions, us, the Houston African American Bloggers Association. The Houston African American Bloggers Association (HAAB) officially launched January 1, 2016. Originally, it began as a Facebook group in 2012 as a place to exchange ideas but grew into a strong network of […]

I’m Thankful for Life Lessons and Experiences

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This time of year most people stop to reflect on the blessings they’ve received over the year. But why just this one time a year? My time for major reflection is on my birthday. However, I have had many life lessons and experiences that I’m truly thankful for. Why you ask? When we think of […]

Top Three Reasons Why I’m Thankful

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Every day is an appropriate day to reflect on how thankful we are. However, as we enter the socially recognized season of Thanksgiving, I feel led to talk about why I’m particularly thankful these days. In order to make clear why I’m thankful, you have to see it within the context of everything that tried […]

Hello World…TotallyRandie Was Here

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It’s a given fact that if you know anything about me I hate actually telling people about the things I have experienced. I don’t wear “survivor” on my sleeve, I don’t give testimonials, all because I don’t want to sound like “woe was me”. Not saying anything negative about those who do sound like that, […]

The Gift of Travel

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There are days in my life when I’m down. Frustrated, sad, depressed, angry, emotionally shaken; you name it. When other people are feeling those emotions they often look to their priest, their families, and their friends for comfort. All of those outlets are great but, to be honest, they don’t always help me. During times […]