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Carter High: The Movie Private Screening

Last Saturday night some of the members and I attended a private screening for Carter High: The Movie. This is directed by Arthur Muhammad who is a graduate of Carter High School.

This was the type of film that built the background of the story so when the climax hit, you were ready for it but you weren’t. What do I mean? You knew something big was coming so you were prepared for that but you had no idea how big it was.

If you love football, which most Texans do, then this movie is definitely something you want to see. Carter High school’s 1988 football team is possibly one of the best high school football teams to ever be assembled. But in order for them even to have the chance to play in the State 5A Championship game, there was a long road. And after the game, they took a sharp left.

What happened?


Carter High: The Movie is definitely something our youth should see. They should see what happens when they are given opportunity after opportunity but don’t see the value in it. Then what happens when consequences comes with those actions.

This film also proves that giving in to our children too much instills an entitlement complex in some of them.

Now I don’t want to give away too much but I do highly encourage you to take as many youth as possible or go as a group to see this on 10/30/15 when it comes out in Houston.

In the climate we live in today where many of our young black boys are being gunned down and police brutality is apparent, we need our youth to see something to help them make decisions that will positively impact their community. Not only positively impact their community but get them to be involved in changing the narrative of their community as well.

Here’s what Greg Ellis, Executive Producer, of the film had to say on why NOW is the right time for this film to come out.

Who’s ready to see Carter High: The Movie?


Update:  It’s available on Netflix.