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Building HAAB Into A Community

Brief background history of HAAB aka Houston African American Bloggers Association was started as a Facebook group in 2012. And in 2014, 3 of us began working on establishing it as more of a community for local Houston bloggers. Long story short, many changes took place and Vernetta (that’s me) and Sharlotte became the Organizer and Co-Organizer respectively. We’ve put in a lot of strategic planning to lay a strong foundation. Then we filed to become a Nonprofit Corporation in January 2016. It was scary and exciting. Things were becoming official. Okay, enough of our history. Let’s get to building HAAB.

This has NOT been a walk in the park. There are many blog, podcast and online content creator groups in Houston. So, we had to think long and hard how to provide something beneficial to the marketplace. We decided to become a membership association.



  • people are more serious in participating when they are invested in it.
  • we felt mixing offline and online events would help create a stronger bond.
  • most importantly, we wanted to build a collective of diverse voices.

Are there things we could have executed better? Absolutely. Are there things we’ve done great? Absolutely. But instead of kicking ourselves on what didn’t go right, we’re working on making 2017 even better.

You can attend a conference once a year and join a Facebook group but how much help is that when you’re in the middle of a situation and need help? Do you always receive it? What about taking online trainings, do you have to pay for those each time you sign up for one? Why?

As a member, we offer you monthly trainings as part of your membership. We studied other groups to see what they offered and what they didn’t. This helped us to create a menu of benefits for our member’s year-round without it hurting your wallet.

Now, I’ve skipped over a lot of details. Like what to actually do to get your organization recognized by the state of Texas. There’s so much to building and growing something from an inactive online state to an active offline state.

Request to be a member. We have so much we want to do and we look forward to including you.