#HAABChat Recap – And Then There Was Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey was so rude and disrespectful. He’s like that guest who came to the party and ended up staying a week. When Ike came to visit, he at least had the good graces to leave in a timely fashion. What Harvey left in his wake was a ton of flooded out home, devastated lives, […]

Blavity Buying Up Millennial Blogs

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We kicked off our fall Facebook Live series with the recent acquistion of Travel Noire to Blavity. We discuss what these sites are, why this is important and what it means for black online content creators as a whole. Join us every Monday at 7p (until December 11) as we discuss topics related and relevant […]

Is Lucas Food and Cake Good or Not?

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Well let me start off by saying, Lucas Food and Cake catered lunch for HAAB Blog Bootcamp 2017. They came highly recommended by several people including our venue host, Houston Business Lounge. We went with chicken salad sandwiches, chips and lemonade. The lemonade was that sweet (you know you live in the south) type of […]

#HAAB2017 Tweet Chat Recap: Power Meet & Greet Roundup

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Aint no party like a Power party, cause a Power party don’t stop! And it was just that live. Bloggers from HAAB were invited to an exclusive invite only meet and greet with actors Joseph Sikora, Rotimi Akinosho, and J.R. Ramirez. Those of us who got blue wrist bands were able to go backstage and […]

EfabulousHB discovers how to #TAPTHEFUTURE and Miller Lite gets it right!

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  Two Words: SHARK TANK | When I see those two words, the first person that comes to mind is Daymond John. Now for many, they only know Daymond John from Shark Tank. However, I’m a Black American GenX-er, my memories of Daymond John start with the creation of FUBU. I was there … that […]

The Power and Powerlessness of Black Twitter

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This week we talked about the power that black twitter has when it comes to creating humor, raising awareness of injustice and creating a dialogue of diverse voices within our community. We also talk about how we give our power away to others but not monetizing or creating companies based on the content we create […]

Get To Know Our Speaker: Jonathan Davis

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How important is technology in today’s landscape? Advanced emerging technology is rapidly reshaping the future landscape. Entities and industries that thrived for the past 100+ years are now on the brink of technological extinction. Staying abreast with innovative disruptive technology is vital.  How has podcasting helped your business? Podcasting has brought great awareness to my […]