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2018 Word by HAAB Members

See what some members chose as their 2018 word of the year. We’ll give you a teaser for each post. Then click and read. Each post is personable, heart felt and full of hunger for more out of 2018.

We’ll start with me, Vernetta the Organizer of HAAB. My 2018 word is Acceptance. Why did I choose acceptance? And who do I want it from? Click to read my post.

Jaz from Le Haute shared how she went from unintentional to intentional with her word. What word is that? She chose courage. Click her post to read why.

Shaundra from Snapped by Dinjii said no to vision board parties and resolutions this year. She wants to take her business to the next level. She plans to elevate in 2018. Click her post to read why.

Osjetta from Houston Food Fetish chose 3 words instead of 1. She wove together love, peace, and food in how they relate not only to her blog but to her personal life as well. Hers was a moving post. Click to read more on why she has 3 words. 

Tomei from A Day in the Life with Tomei shared how she’s moving into a different phase of her life. She has to change her mindframe to get where she wants to go. Click to read why mindframe is her 2018 word.

Our last post comes from Michelle. She podcasts at Networking with Michelle. She wrote hers as a Facebook update but you can still check out her podcast. Here’s what Michelle has to say:

My theme for 2018 is ALIGNMENT and SELF-WORTH. Last year while in pursuit of many ideas and ventures I was constantly falling off for various reasons. Every time I reached a milestone a problem followed. Thoughts of fear would come and cripple me in many ways. I would find it difficult to move forward.

I have realized I am worthy without the struggle and deserving of my rewards. God knows my goodness. I need to do a better job acknowledging my goodness. I know my worth, but I need to raise my worthiness. I need to practice a higher self-worth. My worthiness is a continuum as long as I remain aligned with God and my beliefs.

I believe in you! 🤗

Comment and tell us with one relates to you.

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