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10 Reasons Blog Associations Are Better Than Networks

There are a slew of blog networks out there. Several based in the Houston area alone. But what do they actually do for bloggers? And many won’t let you join unless you have a certain number of online followers. That prohibits microinfluencers from really being able to be part of some of the bigger and stronger networks. And if you don’t have a large following, will they teach you strategies to get there?

However, a blog association well HAAB in particular, doesn’t prohibit bloggers from joining solely on numbers.

We do have 3 criteria people must have to join:

  • Be of African American or African decent
  • Live in the Houston area
  • Have an active blog, vlog or podcast

That’s it. Why did we make it so simple?

People, especially bloggers, want to belong to a community they feel comfortable in. So why put up restrictions?

HAAB has 3 goals that it wants to accomplish:

  • Get member’s paid.
  • Create a safe, welcoming community for online content creatives to collaborate, learn, grow, vent and share.
  • Keep members updated on the latest news, trends, strategies in the blogging world with monthly trainings and our annual blog bootcamp.

And with our membership all of the goals are open to you once you join. With NO extra charge.

That’s not the case with blog networks.

  1. If you want to join, then you have to pay for the trainings they offer if there is a fee. All of HAAB’s trainings are free with your membership dues.
  2. You may not have access to the trainings after they are finished or if you didn’t RSVP. HAAB has a video library available to all members at their disposable no matter when they joined.
  3. You don’t know who else is in the network because there may or may not be a public directory. HAAB not only has a public directory but we have a Facebook group members can connect with each other in.
  4. There aren’t local in person events with the other people in your network on a regular basis. HAAB offers at least 1 quarterly in person event whether it’s social or educational for members to not only meet and get to know each other but to ask questions as well.
  5. You have to wait for the once a year conference if there even is one to attend. And have to pay to attend it. HAAB has an annual blog bootcamp that is free for all members. But it’s not the only time members learn something about blogging. Or have a chance to meet in real life.
  6. If you don’t have a minimum number of online followers, then you may not be eligible to join. HAAB doesn’t prohibit you from joining solely based on numbers. We help you understand how to build engagement with the numbers you have or how to increase your online following.
  7. The trainings aren’t monthly so you are often left to search for knowledge in other places. And pay for that too. HAAB offers monthly trainings that are specifically requested by members on topics they want to learn more about. Or the latest tech or strategies that are trending.
  8. They keep most of the money and give you a small percentage. A network is a business owned by 1 person. They are there to make a profit. Unlike HAAB who takes the small percentage and give you the majority. We are an association who’s focus is on members having profit.
  9. May have a Facebook group but it’s full of “read my blog” “follow me on IG” or “I need help” but may not receive quality information or a link to someone’s paid course for you to check out. HAAB has an online community that ensures you have a safe space to ask any question you have. Plus no one is allowed to charge other member’s when they give advice. It’s a true community that understands we all win when we help each other.
  10. If someone attacks your blog or comes after you, then you’re on your own. HAAB speak up on your behalf, will help you find legal representation if necessary (at the member’s personal expense) and be there to support you through the ordeal.

Not saying blog associations are the answer to every question you have. Or the all-encompassing solution. But they sure do provide more than what you need, when you need it and always there to advocate on your behalf.

I’m not sure if there are other blog associations in this country. I haven’t found any other ones that are a real membership association like HAAB. Having that local presence creates local strength and gives us an advantage as more people are seeing the advantage of working with a collaborative than finding individual bloggers on their own.


HAAB does the work for them. And we know our members. We can vouch for the credibility of our members. We know who’s ready and who’s not. Can blog networks say that about the people in their network?

These are the 10 reasons blog associations are better than networks.