To become a member of the Houston African American Bloggers Association the following is required:

  • Be of African or African American descent
  • Live in the Houston, TX area
  • Must have an active blog, podcast, or vlog

*Information will be verified before you’re accepted into the group. Click request to join if you meet ALL 3 of the requirements.

Join Us
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The requirements to maintain your membership:

  • Attend in person meetings at least 50% of the time. They are held quarterly each year.
  • Complete all campaigns accepted with the utmost professionalism.
  • Post at least once (1x) every 30 days on your blog, vlog or podcast.
  • No slander of HAAB publicly.
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The benefits of membership:

  • Monthly virtual trainings 11 months of the year (minus December).
  • Quarterly in person events/meetings.
  • Career Resources- leads on paid brand campaigns/opportunities.
  • HAAB blog bootcamp which is our annual educational training event.
  • Access to our online group where tools, resources, ideas, suggestions and feedback are shared.
  • Weekly HAAB newsletter sharing content on the blogging profession, opportunities, events.
  • Access to VIP or private only events in the Houston area.
  • Listed on HAAB’s website.
  • HAAB’s Affiliate Program


This group is for online content creators who are looking to become a professional blogger or is one and looking for a group to connect with. There is a fee required to join at this time. We do ask all members to always show and have the utmost professionalism and integrity when representing the group.

  • Dues are $10/mo or $100/yr

* Brands and publicists are not permitted to join the group. If you would like to work with our influencers, email Vernetta:  hello {at} houstonafricanamericanbloggers {dot} com

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